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The Greek Bookshop which is also known as "Greek Hellenic Bookshop" or "Greek Book Importers" is the continuation of an initially small enterprise that aimed to distribute Greek books throughout Australia from a base in Adelaide, which began in October 1982. In 1988 the enterprise was transferred to Melbourne where a Greek bookshop was established in Brunswick. This was one of the original Greek bookshops in Australia and possibly the only one outside Greece which is engaged solely with the distribution and promotion of Greek books. The Greek Bookshop also specialises in the distribution of rare and antiquarian books. Viewing books as cultural resources and not purely as a commodity, the management of the bookshop has succeeded in gaining the respect of academics and librarians alike, as well as the valued custom of most of the academic and public libraries of Australia.

The variety of its stock of books and its ability to obtain information from Greece on a daily and often almost immediate basis is due to the existence of a counterpart operation based in Athens, Greece which is responsible for obtaining and despatching of orders and bibliographical information.

The pool of information "Dionysus Database", which is always completely up to date, is open to all researchers who are searching for new and / or old titles. The parameters of ABN (Australia Bibliographic Network) are followed though there exist fields which make the "Dionysus Database" more useful with regard to Greek bibliographical data.

In parallel with the promotion of books, since 1989, our bookshop has established the publishing house "Dionysus Books". The publishing house "Dionysus Books" engages in the publication and promotion of works of Greek writers in Australia.

Other services offered by Greek Book Importers are those of cataloguing, transliterating and bibliographic search by librarianship consultants. The abovementioned services are offered mainly to libraries of the Australia Public Service, Organisations and Institutions.