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Denis Milonas
Established 1982

The Greek Bookshop (Greek Book Importers) was established in 1982 by Denis (Dionysis) Milonas, and has since been supplying schools, libraries & the general public with greek Books, Texts, CDs, DVDs and traditional gifts. The books, CDs and DVDs listed on this site are just a small sample of our most popular items. Please feel free to call us if you are looking for something not listed here, for we are bound to have it or able to aquire it for you.

Koinonikoi Roloi ton Dyo Phylon

Author: Antonopoulou, Christina
Psychology - A book about the social roles of men and women in Greek society

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Cry of the Heart

Author: Mangos , Faye

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Hola gia ta Votana gia olous


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Author: Delta, P.S.

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